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Cécile's editorial

Only A Few letters adorn the "Belle du Seigneur", a title picture In Their uninhibited enough to Their elegance. These "girls of fire" have prose to the skin, dressed in words anthology, Placed on cotton as on paper. They are inspired and Their Own muse. They have fun, eternal flâneuses, read or look at books, pecking sentences That sublimate the pace. Free and book, the Association made the silhouette of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, playground Beauvoir, Duras, Colette, Sagan ...

Nonchalante and stamped spiritual woman left bank seizes the words of Breton, gold Hemingway Nerval, and adorns.
Zoe Ferdinand HAS designed His ideal library, a collection of T-shirts with a glowing title. "Mad Love," "bourgeoisie Dreamer", "Books That avez la fabric, an echo, qui are embodied, ready to explore the city.
The idea of the collection Was Born to a terrace cafe in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a joke est devenu serious with the success of the first copies, Passed Quickly've got a award-winning novel.

Ferdinand Zoe, stylist graduated from ESMOD, created the multibrand store Kyrie Eleison, in the upscale neighborhood of publishers in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Its link with the world of letters HAS always beens familiar. She likes to have "missed" his dream of being white has publisher, and the collection Reflects His taste for titles, imagination They reveal. This dream library Parisian dresses from here and elsewhere, That distilled Some poetry and carry 'em with the spirit of Saint-Germain-close.

This textile library is Intended to travel. Declads Saint-Germain is doomed to circulate. Tees "My ideal library" will concern Both the morning with jeans, sipping a black counter That evening with a nice skirt for a preview.The figure remains left bank, urban and chic.

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